Our Sheep Story

Posted: Oct 19 2014

The story of our sheep is as fascinating as the blankets themselves. It's a story of live animals, real people, and lots of hard work & watchful care. Our wool comes from sheep in the French Merino family raised on a few ranches in Colorado and Wyoming. 

The sheep spend their summers high up on the Plato's & mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. They stay in large sheep camps & are watched day and night by dedicated Shepherds & sheep dogs. By day they roam the majestic mountains & by night they stay close together in a large pen. Specially trained dogs live alongside them & valiantly protect them from harm. The Shepherds also watch over them day & night. In the fall they are transported to flat farm lands often in Utah & more southern warm places where they are allowed to roam & forage in the recently harvested corn stalks with some hay also supplemented. Here their dedicated care-takers continue to live along side them.
Once the winter is over they are taken back to their beautiful mountain homes.
In the late Spring they are gently & expertly sheered of their beautiful coats just in time for summer where they can begin anew growth. The sheep dogs even help with the shearing. Shepherds and sheep dogs lead the sheep to the place they need to go, helping the Shearers with their biggest task of the year. Once sheered they are back to roaming the breath taking mountains & begin another year.

From the ranches their soft & fine wool is taken to the mill where it's carefully cleaned & spun into 23 micron fiber. This sturdy & comfortable wool then comes to us where we hand make it into yarn & hand knit it into our cozy Modern Wool products.

It's amazing the many wonderful people & animals who have poured their expertise & time into making our beautiful products. When I look at the finished product and think about the care that goes into each hand crafted piece, I see and feel the labor of love it tells.


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