Meet Hanna Hjort, one of our favorite Bloggers.

Posted: Jan 04 2015

My favorite part of what were doing here at Modern Wool has been meeting so many wonderful people & getting the privilege of being a small part of their lives & homes. I remember so clearly last winter when I first looked at the blog of Hanna Hjort. I stopped & looked carefully at all her pictures. "This is different, this is really special," I thought to myself as I looked thru them. As I enthusiastically searched thru the photos, I was stuck by the way she blended nature into her home so seamlessly. It's one thing that I believe makes her home feel so alive. I was also impressed by the details, it seemed that many things were handmade or carefully selected to have a warm human touch to them. The garden plants in the summer, & the fairytale winter. All put together the home is magical. I was excited to ship her Modern Wool throw. It has been so fun to see each new way she casts light upon it, bringing it to life in so many ways. Her creativity & artistic styling are truly amazing. Hanna's is a kind, down to earth, woman who is really a natural at style. She grew up in Stockholm & now resides in Sundsvall, Sweden. Here she & her husband, Robert, have taken an old home & given it a second life & a new sparkle. It's is both comfortable and charming. The beautiful photos are endless. She has 2 children & 2 cats who occasional grace the pictures of family life, crafts & baking. A truely Inspiring blog.
It is really such an honor to be included in the home of her & others. Be sure to check out:

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