What's in a Label ~ quality and ethics

Posted: Jan 14 2015

When I was in college, foods started to list their ingredients. I remember the first time I saw each item listed in what I was eating. That realization & responsibility certainly changed my buying habit. I remember clearly my PR teacher talking about it as it was happening. He said "we have to be ready, for the power is in the hands of consumers & a new generation had come who reads the labels." For a decade I careful selected each food item I ate with thought & intention. From time to time, as I learned more I would look ever more carefully at the useful details in the ingredients list. About 4 years ago during a seminar about green living it dawned on me that I had not yet applied this kind of care to my purchases of clothing & furniture & other areas of my life like dishes & storage containers. 6 months later after a meeting with an expert in fabrics & bacterial testing I was finally convinced that the healthiest way to live was 100% earth grown natural. The negative ions from the 100% natural fabrics couldn't be matched. These negative ions have a strengthening rejuvenating affect on the body. Immediately I went thru my closet. Surprised to realize that many of my favorite items were for the natural ones & the ones that made me sweaty were synthetic. I found that the more I changed my lifestyle to natural & ethical products the better I felt.

One day I wanted a wool throw. I looked at every major store & searched online. I found loads of synthetic blends. Finally I decided to create my own & thus I launched Modern Wool. Making a warm throw without any synthetic additives, no acrylics, no junk, no cheap fillers. I felt so good about my product. Then I looked more into wool & found that some farms we're not sheering their sheep in a gentle ethical way. So I did my research & found farms I could trust people who I believed in, who where open enough to invite me to their farms. Now I'm sharing with a happy heart our handmade 100% wool knits. Thank YOU for choosing to support a product that you can be confident in.

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