Shop Stephanie's in Scottsdale this Superbowl

Posted: Jan 30 2015

Its nearly the eve of the Super bowl, an American obsession. There's a hustle and bustle of making plans to be at the best Super bowl party and coming up with the most creative foods and accessories to cheer on your favorite team. Even those who know nothing about Football will be watching, if only to see the commercials. The city of Phoenix, Arizona begins to fill with frenzied fans waiting for the big game. New England Patriots verses the Seattle Seahawks. Nestled just north east of Phoenix is the beautiful and polished town of Scottsdale. This dessert setting is full of color and variety with a vast spectrum of cacti and amazing plant life. It is overflowing with wonder.

Aside from it's natural beauty Scottsdale is also known for it's sophisticated shopping. Here you will find the untamed elegance of Stephanie's, a lifestyle shop near the heart of it all. Stephanie began 15 years ago styling interiors and individuals. She helps people to find who they are and express it more fully in their personal style and at home. The shop carries a wide range of unique products for casual, luxury living. Refined dresses, relaxed denim, stylish bicycles, abstract art, ornate furniture and the classic knitted throw redesigned by Modern Wool, all grace the multi-dimensional 4000 square foot space.  With designers and stylists ready to assist and a library of books on fashion and decor, this is a must stop destination for those visiting the phoenix area this super bowl.


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