Partner with Modern Wool & Justice Rising this Holiday Season to Build a School in an Unlikely Place

Posted: Oct 01 2015

We here at Modern Wool are feeling the gentle shift into autumn as the chilly night air lingers far into the morning!  The Kids are back in school, Trick or Treat is just a few weeks away, and Christmas planning has begun!

This Autumn we are even more excited than ever, because Christmas is coming early here at Modern Wool.  For the Month of October we will be giving YOU, our customers 20% off AND donating 20% of all sales to Justice Rising throughout the rest of the year!

We are excited about the true joy of the season, GIVING WITH AN OPEN HEART to those who can never repay you!  This Autumn, Modern Wool is partnering with Justice Rising to donate 20% of every sale directly to the cause of bringing hope, healing, education, rehabilitation, opportunity & change to one of the most forgotten & hopeless places on the planet where war has waged its injustice for decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), located in the heart of Africa.  

We are celebrating a young, Canadian, woman of great courage & hope who has inspired us with her amazing success in the war zones of Africa.  Cassandra Basnett Lee founder of Justice Rising.  Read more of her story below!

Now is the time to get that Modern Wool blanket you’ve been dreaming of, or start some early Christmas shopping!  Let’s make October a month of Goodwill & Courage!

As we pull out our sweaters & brew up a cup of good cheer,

We invite you to join us in bring Peace on Earth,


With Joy,

Modern Wool


More about Cassandra Basnett Lee and Justice Rising:

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been written off as hopeless with a bleak past.  The villagers are often repeatedly victims of raids, rape, & killings.  Boys are stolen from their families & forced into child armies to do the dirty work of the militias.  Girls may be stolen for sex trade.

Against this backdrop of tragedy, a young, fearless & inspiring woman has forging amazing success where no one dared to step foot.  Cassandra Basnett Lee of Justice Rising is a long time friend of ours whom we met about eight years ago in Los Angeles.  At the age of 18 she began working in Africa.  She first served in Mozambique in dangerous places with the poorest of the poor.  By the age of 21, she began her own work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  She is often escorted into red zones by UN tanks, then fearlessly left there to hear stories of tragedy & war.  

Education has always been her passion.  She immediately began raising funds to build a school.  Within just two years she had built three schools, and fully staffed & funded them.  In five short years there she has experienced incredible success, even amidst the setbacks of violence & instability.  She has built four schools in addition to adult education programs & vocational training. She helps to educate & create jobs for people most vulnerable to war.

Over the years we have been incredibly inspired by Cassandra’s kind, optimistic & tenacious spirit.  She really is like a Mother Theresa in our opinion!  She never looses hope, but dreams bigger.

Please join us in supporting Justice Rising as we are raise funds to build school number Five! 



Story by Chloe Casselberry, top photo by Jessica Taylor ( Model Kaci Brown (Kaci Dozer) bottom photo from Cassandra Basnett Lee of

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