Hello Electra Mustaine!

Posted: Dec 19 2015

Standing in the back watching a gorgeous young woman sing, I had chills as her voice pierced my heart & her words moved me. 

Don't be fooled by Electra Mustaine's petite frame or gentle spirit, she is a powerful & strong woman.Her voice is completely captivating. Her enthusiasm for life & her genuine interests in others have made her a natural leader. And after an hour with her you will feel uplifted by her bright spirit.

Electra Mustaine has been singing for years but has recently appeared on the country music scene as she debuts her first single just weeks away from release. Also be sure to watch for her newest You Tube video with the country music band, "High South" coming out around New Year's Day. Even Rolling Stone Magazine is taking notice of her with an upcoming issue featuring behind the scenes interview & photo shoot of her upcoming release.

Electra style may be country at heart but her music has an appeal to a much broader pop/folk audience with her sweet & powerful soul bursting thru in her songs.
Electra Mustaine is the daughter of famous heavy metal singer, guitarist & songwriter, Dave Mustaine. Dave was the original founder of Metallica and later of Megadeth.
His daughter, Electra has been acquainted with the limelight most of her life. She spent some time in her childhood filming a tv series about unusual pets called "Faithful Friends".

The Mustaine family recently relocate to Nashville, Tennessee to further pursued Electra's career in country music and pop. 

Check back here in a few days for her YouTube link and her article link to Rolling Stone.



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